USA: Plant ECC Coordinator

  • SAS-205
  • Engineering
  • immediately
  • Coordination of processes related to project change management within SAS and the customer. Processing and evaluation of internal and external data.
  • Plant Newark

Job description

Integration of proposals of customer / SAS technical changes into internal change database. Coordination and supervision of timely processing of evaluation on technical change proposals. Administration of material master data of productive materials in SAP. Coordination of implementation and launch of customer / SAS technical changes.


  • Integration of proposals of the customer / SAS changes / deviations into ECM database
  • Administration (creation, modifications, deletion) of basic material master data of parts in SAP
  • Administration (creation and modifications) of bills of materials in SAP
  • Administration (creation and modifications) of internal technical bill of material
  • Administration (creation and modifications) of conversion tables    
  • Regular inspection and comparison of content of JIT calls with SAS bill of materials in SAP (2x a year / at changes)   
  • Organization and conduction of "Change commission" meeting    
  • Inspection of preparedness of other SAS departments for implementation of change
  • Inspection of completeness of documentation (analysis, quotation, calculation) for cost-relevant change requests   
  • Review of implemented changes after 3 months from SOP   
  • Provision of additional documentation for proposals of changes / deviations from the customer (development, quality, etc.) 
  • Cooperation at preparation of production data (JIT calls, conversion tables)  
  • Cooperation with the customer at provision of correct data in JIT calls for cockpit through the corresponding system (JIS calls)   
  • To work according to internal / local CES standards and procedures for change management process   
  • To cooperate at cleaning of error boxes    
  • To take part in meetings with the customer    
  • To inform other SAS departments about SOP (Start of Production) date, based on the information from the customer    
  • To cooperate at management and coordination of start of change / deviation with the customer and the supplier   
  • To monitor and responds to specific requirements of the customer 


  • Secondary / university education in engineering area 2 and more years of experience in automotive industry
  • Knowledge of methodology and principles of change management
  • Knowledge of quality system (ISO TS/IATF 16949, VDA standards)
  • Knowledge and use of MS Office, MS Win7.
  • SAP Knowledge of logistic processes in JIS environment
  • Time management
  • Assertiveness
  • Stress resistance
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Thoroughness and accuracy
  • English

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